Saturday, 22 September 2012

Science Unit: Chemical Reactivity

This science unit was a great one. We learned a lot about the periodic table of elements, ionic and covalent bonds, and much more. This unit was quite interesting, we learned a lot about chemical equations and how to balance them. We also learned about which elements react and which don't, and why they are more or less reactive, things like the valence electrons helped us to understand why elements were more or less reactive. I also learned more about the periodic table than I knew before. I can place some of the elements on the periodic table now. I will never likely forget the periodic table of elements and their groups because I have learned about this for two years now and I feel I will remember it for a long time. My favorite thing we did this unit was making the chemical reactions with the compounds we were given. That was a very interesting and exciting experiment that I really enjoyed. In this experiment you were able to see the chemical reaction take place before your eyes. I am still curious about chemical equations because I don't understand them very well and I had problems with them on the test. But overall, this science unit has been a great one.

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