Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My blog about school at stuff

     So far in class I've learned how to set up a blog, before I came here to this english class I knew nothing about blogging and how to set one up, but Mr. Raisdana has taught me how to set up and post things on the blog which is really cool. One thing I enjoy about this class is that we get to spend so much time on the internet checking out our blogs and looking at other people's blogs, it helps us learn on what to improve in our blogs and also is something fun to do. Finally one thing I wish I could do differently or I could add is I would want to be able to do more collaborative work in some ways like maybe working together on a blog post on some awesome experience the two people had together or something like that. Because that would be fun and collaborative and people would enjoy being able to work with their friends on something really cool.


  1. I agree with the collaborative work. It would be so cool to do that. I was wondering whose blog will it go on when the work is done. Unless, we both write something about each other on each other's blog. Besides that. Good Job.

  2. Or like what I thought was that you could both post it as both of the people's work